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New Article – tcpdump for Dummies

In this article I explain how to use tcpdump, one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox. Hope you’ll find it useful. You can find it here.

New Gallery – Rothschild Park

I took these pictures in Rothschild Park in Zihron Yaakov. You can find it here.

New Gallery – Utopia Park

I shot these pictures in Utopia park. It is a small park in Beit Hefer, quiet close to Tulkarem. It is best known for its orchids, although thepeacock definitely tried to steal the show. Enjoy it here.

New Gallery – Alexander River

I took these pictures at Alexander river. This is one of the rare places where you can see wild (almost) nature from only few meters away. In the river there are otters, some hungry sheat fish and above all soft shell turtles. All absolutely adoring bread. I would like to use this opportunity to ask […]

New article – Reverse SSH tunnel or connecting to computer behind NAT router

In this article I explain how to connect to a computer protected with NAT router using reverse SSH tunnel. I explain problems involved in the process and how to solve them. Enjoy the article here.

Trying WordPress 2.5.1

New version of wordpress is here and I am trying it out. I tried wordpress 2.5 and it was quiet a disappointment because of the editor. I started a support ticket at WordPress’s Trac. They say they fixed the problem. So I will give it a try during next few days. Hope it will went […]

New article –
SMP affinity and proper interrupt handling in Linux

Today I finished working on a new article called “SMP affinity and proper interrupt handling in Linux”. It describes a problem encountered by many system engineers and administrators and that is how to configure the system to properly handle interrupts. This article concludes a research that I did, those purpose was to find out what […]

WordPress 2.5 trials – failure

Few days ago I started testing wordpress 2.5. Those of your following my web-site probably could see themes changing every few hours, articles becoming screwed up, etc. Unfortunately, I am writing this post using wordpress 2.3.3. I downgraded back to older version. I absolutely loved the look and feel of the new version. The administrator […]

New article – How debugger works

In this article I am showing how real debugger works and even demonstrate a small program that debugs other program. It’s right here and I hope you’ll find it interesting.

New article –
Irex Technologies Iliad, more than a year together

I finally finished writing this review. Took me almost a month to complete, but its finally here. I decided to write this review for two reasons. First of all, although there are so many reviews out there, no one has tracked the device and its development or evolution for over a year. I did. Also, […]