WordPress 2.5 trials – failure

Few days ago I started testing wordpress 2.5. Those of your following my web-site probably could see themes changing every few hours, articles becoming screwed up, etc. Unfortunately, I am writing this post using wordpress 2.3.3. I downgraded back to older version.

I absolutely loved the look and feel of the new version. The administrator panel is a candy. However one thing that ruined everything is an editor. WordPress 2.5 comes with TinyMCE 3. It has an annoying bug, removing any extra space or tabulation character, even if it is inside of <pre> tags. This creates a huge problem for someone who posts pieces of code – someone such as myself. It removes indentation from the code making it impossible to read. Pity.

Luckily I created backup copies and now web-site is back online.

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