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UML cheatsheet

Every once in awhile, I have to draw a UML diagram. I rarely do serious designs with UML, however sometimes I do need to depict some piece of code in a diagram and UML seems to be the best notation around. Unfortunately, various sources of information on UML tend to¬†over-complicate¬†things. I am not software architect […]

Recursively deleting symbolic link and what it points to

Recently I looked for a solution to this little problem. how do you, programmatically, delete a symbolic link and a file that it points to? One problem that you should take care of when tackling this problem, is that symbolic link can point to a symbolic link. Then symbolic link should also point to symbolic […]

Rethinking linked list insertion

There is one nice thing in looking for a new job. That is, you meet lots of new people and have a chance to learn from them. For example in one of the companies I was asked about something called anti-debugging. I didn’t have a clue what that is and had to ask for an […]

Hex dump functions

This post starts a new category of posts called Code library. In this category I will post useful code snippets. I hope you’ll find them as useful as I do. I use two functions below quiet often. Both functions do hexadecimal dump of given buffer. First function is in C. Second function is in Python. […]