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UML cheatsheet

Every once in awhile, I have to draw a UML diagram. I rarely do serious designs with UML, however sometimes I do need to depict some piece of code in a diagram and UML seems to be the best notation around. Unfortunately, various sources of information on UML tend to¬†over-complicate¬†things. I am not software architect […]

IDA – Interactive Disassembler Macros Page

This page presents IDA macros I’ve written. Load PE/COFF symbols Introduction Download Installation and use Same script but in a standalone version Load PE/COFF symbolsBACK TO TOC IntroductionBACK TO TOC It appears that when IDA parses symbols of Windows applications compiled with gcc (cygwin), it does not load symbol names properly. I.e. instead of real […]

SlickEdit Macros

Many years ago I started working with an editor named Visual SlickEdit. At a time it was the most advanced editor for software development. Despite years have passed, I believe it is still one of the best editors available for programmers. Among its advantages is exceptionally powerful macro language. Many people don’t know this but […]


Intro Ok. This is a G15 Applet for DOD:S page – the g15dod page. G15 is a Logitech’s keyboard with additional LCD screen. Screen can be used for wide range of purposes, among them, viewing ingame information and stats. DOD:S is a Day Of Defeat Source game. Here you’ll find info about g15dods, installation instructions, […]