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This is me, couple of weeks ago.

I think this is going to become my new icon. What do you think?

I got a new job, take 2

I got a new job, again Today I signed a contract with a company named Fabrix.TV. Fabrix is developing a new generation of video content delivery platform. I am joining as a chief video content consumer senior software engineer.

I got a new job

You probably noticed that I didn’t write anything new for awhile. Well, I was looking for a new job and didn’t have much time to write. Luckily, this is over. I am now a senior software engineer at Exanet LTD. Exanet is developing storage solutions for large organisations. ExaStore, main product of the company, is […]

New article – Bazaar for subversion users, part 1 – the basics

This is a first out of several articles describing Bazaar, the distributed version control system. This series is intended for Subversion users, who may decide that they need a little more from their version control system. Read the article here

New article – C/C++ reference counting with atomic variables and gcc

This article explains how to implement performance critical reference counting in C/C++ program, using atomic variables and gcc. Enjoy it. Read the article here.

New article – Python’s optparse for human beings

In this article I cover in depth Python’s optparse module. It presents most useful recipes and is a good handbook when parsing command line options in a Python program. Read the article here.

New article – Signal Handling in Linux

This article introduces signals in Linux to the reader. It explains the nature of signals, how to use them and gives few small use examples. Read the article here.

New article – Backup and restore your Linux installation

This article explains how to backup and restore your Linux installation. One thing special about method described in this article, is that it allows you to preserve disk space – you compress and decompress the data on the fly, so you need much less disk space to create the backup and store it. To the […]

New artcile – Creating new applications on top of SSH

I planned this as a short post, but it ended up quiet long so I post it as I do with the rest of big articles. This article explains and demonstrates how to create a new application that communicates over SSH. To the article.

I got new email address

Did I mention that I have new email address? It is . Nice one isn’t it?