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Bazaar for subversion users, part 1 – the basics

Table of contents Introduction to the series Introduction to the article Way of working with Bazaar Demo setup description Directory and user configuration The basics Creating a project Checking-out the project Adding files to the project Committing files Few words about revision numbers in Bazaar Local commits or offline commits Committing local commits to remote […]

6 things that I miss in bash

What is the most frequently used piece of software on your computer? Here’s one program that holds one of the highest place in my list of most frequently used programs. I am talking about… bash. In case you don’t know, this is the program behind large portion of the Linux command line. It is the […]

Irex Technologies, Iliad – More than a year together

Introduction I decided to write this review for two reasons. First of all, although there are so many reviews out there, no one has tracked the device and its development or evolution for over a year. I did. Also, there is a personal story of using Irex Technologies Iliad that I would like to tell. […]

Firefox 3 short review

Few month ago I downloaded firefox 3 for the first time. At a time that was beta 1. Now there’s a beta 2 version available. I must say that comparing to beta 1 it is much improved. There are less crashes and I can confirm that some sites that were problematic with beta 1 sites […]