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New article – SSH crash course

At last it is here. This is a huge article on SSH, with lots of examples, very convenient index and table of contents. The article presents the most useful out of SSH on Linux and gives a brief explanation of how things work under the hood. Read it here.

New article – Multithreaded simple data type access and atomic variables

This is a conclusion of two of my previous posts. If changing integer from two or more threads at the same time, will it value turn into garbage? What is the most efficient way of changing a simple variable, with two or more threads, at the same time, without turning its value into garbage? This […]

New article – How inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism work in C++

This concludes a month of work. Somehow I, again, ended up with huge article and explains lots of different things. In this article, I am explaining how the three whales of OOP implemented in C++. How encapsulation works. How overloading of methods works. What is the structure of C++ object compared to C structure. How […]

New article – 32bit vs 64bit computers, the QA

This article describes the difference between the two. Does getting 64-bit support really worth the time and the effort and perhaps the the money? Find out here.

New page – Interactive Disassembler (IDA) Macros

Few years ago I’ve written a script for IDA – Interactive Disassembler. IDA is a great tool I’ve been using for many years to analyze executable files. You can find more information about it here. The script fixes how IDA analyzes executables produces with cygwin gcc. IDA does not show all symbol names properly. The […]

New article – Swap vs. no swap

This article describes how lack of swap partition affects behavior of your Linux system. It is right here.

New article – Few problems that you may encounter when booting Linux

I have finished writing a new article. This article gives solutions to common problems that one may encounter when booting Linux. From faulty service scripts to corrupted initrd, it’s all there. You can find the article here.

New article – sed, the missing manual

This article describes sed, an excellent tool that I often use in shell scripts that I write. In the article I explain it’s most common features and also show some often overlooked features. You can find it here. Enjoy it!

New article – Aligned vs. unaligned memory access

This concludes a long research that I’ve made. I wanted to know if unaligned memory access is really that bad, or not a big deal. Eventually I made some quiet interesting discoveries. Read on.

New article – Opening and modifying the initrd

As the name implies, this article explains how to crack up, modify and save modern initrd file, without using fancy tools such as mkinitrd and friends. You can find it here.