New article – How inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism work in C++

This concludes a month of work. Somehow I, again, ended up with huge article and explains lots of different things.

In this article, I am explaining how the three whales of OOP implemented in C++. How encapsulation works. How overloading of methods works. What is the structure of C++ object compared to C structure. How polymorphism works. What’s the structure of virtual methods table and how inheritance affects it. And many other things. Hope you will find it interesting. Read it here.

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  1. Daniil says:

    Once I had question, I haven’t find answer yet, so I want ask you?

    When the sizeof of class isn’t equal to sizeof of object of that class?

    For example:

    class A

    A a;

    sizeof(A) != sizeof(a);


  2. To be honest I have no idea :-) I think I saw someone mentioning this. Anyway, I’ll post the answer here if I run into it.

  3. norbert novat says:

    how encapsulation work in c++

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