Where the hell am I?

Just in case you’re wondering where the hell am I and why I am not writing new stuff, I am on a short vacation. It’s holidays time here in Israel, so I took the liberty to split for a couple of weeks. I am actively sweeming in different sees, traveling around the country and sitting home doing nothing. Fiesta will be over on Oct. 22. Until then, have fun! :-)

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  1. Gullit says:

    Hi there, I’m from Brazil I found your blog two weeks ago, it’s so good! Keep blogging!
    I’ve never been to Israel, a little that I know about Israel I saw on TV ( documentaries ) it’s a great country, hope I can go there someday. ;)
    Enjoy your vocation!

  2. @Gullit
    Thanks a lot for a warm comment and for being loyal visitor of my web-site!
    You’re most welcome to visit Israel anytime. Unfortunately, you hear lots of bad things about what’s going on here, on TV. Don’t believe it :-) The seas are all blue and warm. The weather is hot and the girls are… oh, perhaps I said enough already ;-)

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