Ok. This is a G15 Applet for DOD:S page – the g15dod page.

  • G15 is a Logitech’s keyboard with additional LCD screen. Screen can be used for wide range of purposes, among them, viewing ingame information and stats.
  • DOD:S is a Day Of Defeat Source game.

Here you’ll find info about g15dods, installation instructions, revision history, etc…


Current Version

Current version is 0.2.6. You can download it here.

Previous Versions

You can download version 0.2.5 from here and version 0.2 from here.

What’s new

What’s new in this version

  1. Several people complained about different issues related to inability to detect Steam installation directory and/or username. In this version, I rewrote the whole installation directory/username detection mechanism. It should be much better now.Special thanks to Mike Olsen from echovoice for helping me with this!!!
  2. This version automatically detects when you switch between steam accounts.

What’s in version 0.2.5

  1. You no longer have to specify DOD:S installation directory. Application detects it automatically.

What’s in version 0.2

Couple of things.

  1. You can now see network traffic info and CPU/MEM usage info. You can switch between these two using buttons (see buttons section below).
  2. You can now reset totals and todays stats using keyboard buttons (again, see Buttons section below).
  3. Fixed couple of bugs, such as, you no longer can run several instances of the application at the same time :-)
  4. Added a lot of message boxes in case there is an error.


g15dods screen shot


Just run the setup and it will tell you what to do.

Make sure to add “-condebug” parameter to Day Of Defeat: Source launch options (open Steam, goto My Games, right click on Day Of Defeat: Source, enter properties, press “Set launch options” button and write -condebug). This option causes DOD:S to write console log to file. Later, g15dods uses the information written to this file to generate stats.


Go to your All Programs menu, then to g15dods and press uninstall. Then, you will know what to do :-)



As you can see, applet shows two panes on the screen. Right pane shows game stats. Left pane shows some info that might be useful during the game – current time (!!!) and network stats.

The game stats are:

  1. Your total number of kills and deaths.
  2. Number of kills and deaths since you started the app (basically, since you started the computer).
  3. Number of kills and number of seconds elapsed since from the last you were killed.

When not playing, game stats are hidden.

Configuration dialog

Configuration dialog allows you to reset the stats and to change the DOD:S installation directory. Open configuration dialog, run Logitech LCD manager, choose “G15 DOD:S Applet” from the list and press configure button.

In configuration dialog, no matter what changes you made, always press the OK button to apply. Otherwise, the application will ignore your changes.

As you can guess, setting the “Reset Totals” and “Reset Todays” check boxes, will reset your stats (either totals, todays or both) – but only after pressing the OK button :-D


Starting version 0.2 of the application, you can do few nice things with keyboard buttons under the screen.

First (leftmost) button can be used to switch between Network traffic information and CPU/MEM usage information.

Holding down third and fourth buttons for two seconds (and more) will reset total kills and deaths stats and todays kills and deaths respectively.

Known issues

  1. It may complain about some missing DLLs. In case it does, let me know and I’ll help you to solve this problem.
  2. Sometimes, it shows negative netwok traffic values.
  3. You name it 8-)

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  1. DomR says:

    Got G15 v2 and it works fine..

    BUT, the kill/death and the timer doesn’t increase.. it’s 0 all the time :/

  2. Alexander Sandler says:

    It is a bit difficult for me to address this problem. There might be ten different reasons for this. The most obvious cause that crosses my mind is that you don’t have -condebug launch option – see Installation section of this page. Please make sure that you have it and let me know if it fixed the problem.

  3. Zippit says:

    i got it to work proberly know. i have autoexec config, så every time map changed i could not use condebug i think, so there fore i wrote “condebug” in til config, and know it´s counting proberly. thx for applet:D

  4. Steven says:

    Great post, thanks for the info

  5. xps says:

    I “tried” to install the 0.2.6 and I received a Error reporting error. I have not restarted yet, but it stated that it was not installed correctly. I tried it again after shutting down Steam and also while my G15 tray icons were closed, but same results.

  6. @xps
    Can you please describe in greater detail what error you’ve received at what stage of installation?

  7. Nenadsre says:

    Great job. Plugin works perfectly. If I could add little to exactly calculate suicide. thanks

  8. Nenadsre says:

    Until a few days ago I used this plugin, but with the emergence of a new steam plugin does not work. Is it possible to create a new plugin. Thanks

  9. @Nenadsre
    It seems that this is the end of life for the plugin. I am no longer maintaining it – don’t have the time. I suggest that you find some other plugin that has same functionality. I am sure there are several choices for you.

  10. Falty says:

    I used this aplet, worked good but I have problem with “uncounted error” now :(

  11. @Falty
    Hi. I am sorry, but I am not maintaining this applet for years. I guess my best advice for you would be to find some other applet that works.
    I will release source code of this applet one day. Hopefully someone will continue maintaining it.

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