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New article – About this web-site

Just finished working on a new article – About this web-site. It explains history of this web-site and what tools have been used to create it. Grab it here.

New article – Useful Linux Networking Commands

I think I reached some kind of milestone with this article. I planned this article as never ending work, but for now I think I covered most useful stuff and it is time to unleash the article and bring it to the world. I hope you will find it as useful as I do The […]

New Gallery – Kibbutz Dalia

Another gallery. I took these pictures in Kibbutz Dalia in 2003. Awaits you here.

New SlickEdit macros page

Over the years I wrote and found several macros for my favorite editor for programmers – SlickEdit. I compiled the list of macros and they are now available for your convenience. I hope you’ll find this list useful. Also, in case you have macros that you would like to have posted in this list, please […]

New gallery is here – Mini Israel

New gallery is available. These are pictures I took in Mini Israel – a wonderful place where there is a miniature replica of all major landmarks in Israel. Enjoy it

Moving to production

Things seems to be ready to move to production. Wish me good luck as my new wordpress based site goes online

Still working on a new theme

It’s been almost a month since I started working on a new theme. Things are moving quiet well. The frame is ready. Now it’s time to add menus, special effects for posts, etc. Wish me good luck.


Welcome to Alexander Sandler on the Net My name is Alexander Sandler and this is my web-site. I am a software engineer working mostly with low level Linux, but not only. On this web-site I share things that I create and write. Hope you’ll find it interesting.