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One of the things I like in wordpress is plug-ins thing. There are literally thousands of plug-ins for wordpress and you just peek things that you need.

At the moment I use something like three different statistic plug-ins, a plug-in that filters out spam comments, SEO plug-in, smileys plug-in. The quick links menu on your right created using NAVT plug-in.

I myself have written a couple of plug-ins – for instance, table of contents that you can find on almost any of my articles automatically generated by the smart-toc plug-in, which I am going to publish soon ;-)

Yet there’s something that frightens me a bit. I am now using over 15 different plug-ins. Almost all of them do something, each increasing size of the PHP code that being executed every time someone accesses my web-site. I do use a plug-in that caches (how convenient :D ) PHP generated HTML and serves it instead of running PHP code for each client. Despite that number of plug-ins I am using is overwhelming and I am wondering whether this is going to boomerang me one day :-)

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