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Just finished adopting a new theme to my web-site. Hope you like it.

Adaptation took quiet some time. You know… There are those small things that perhaps no one else sees, but you. But once you see the web-site you just can skip them. So I had to fix quiet a few things.

I would like to thank developers of the StudioPress wordpress theme for doing such a great work. Theme I use, although modified, shares its roots with this wonderful theme.

In case you wonder, in this theme, there’s a place for little picture of me – quiet remarkable addition ;-) Also, it has more space for ads. Sorry, but I had to have them. At the moment this web-site doesn’t pay-off very well and I hope to improve this state of affairs. And I think the most distinguishable diffirenece is in it’s colorfulness. It is very colorful. Again, I hope you will like it.

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