VPS tale continued

After being so decisive about staying with vpsland I went down and tried to upgrade my VPS to Ubuntu 8.04 (from 7.10). Well… Of course it didn’t work. Obviously, with all respect to Aptitude you cannot tell it to upgrade to Xen enabled kernel. I asked vpsland whether they plan to do anything with Ubuntu 8.04 any time soon, but as expected received no meaningful answer.

As a result, I am now happy customer of slicehost. Although I had few networking issues with slicehost’s VPSs, with them the most important stuff works flawlessly. And I now got a new version of Ubuntu :D

While shopping for a new VPS, I got paged about hosting company named linode. And although it was already too late for me when I was told about them, they look very impressive and I still may become their customer one day.

Anyway, the transition to the new VPS is over. I just found that mod_rewrite wasn’t working. As a result people couldn’t reach my articles for a few days. It is fixed and it seems that site is fully operational.

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