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I am contantly checking options to improve my web-site. One of the directions is improving the underlying hardware. This web-site runs on a VPS I purchased at vpsland.com. Today, for the first time I ran into a problem with RAM. It seems that 128MB is just isn’t powerful enough for so many services – I recently added DNS server.

Since this was quiet expected, about a week ago I started shoping for a new, upgraded, VPS plan. Bottom line is that I think I am going to stay with vpsland.com.

From what I’ve seen, vpsland gives below average service while beating other firms in terms of prices. There is only one firm those prices were adequate. It’s slicehost, of course. Yet surprisingly, I found that networking condition on slicehost’s slice were worse than those of my old VPS.

Eventually, I decided to stick with vpsland.com.

While evaluating different options, I ran into a web-site named VPS choice. This web-site that evaluates lots of VPS hosting plans in different companies. I could not beleive it, but it seems that this web-site is actually independant :D

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  1. Tom Asaro says:

    Hey Alexander –

    If you are still evaluating your options, you may want to look at Linode. I believe we offer the most resources for your dollar, and our Linode Manager rocks with many unique features (private backend network for multiple nodes, out of band console access, etc).

    Feel free to stop by our community IRC channel for more info: http://www.linode.com/irc/


  2. Alexander Sandler says:

    Wow. Looks very impressive.
    Unfortunately I already made my mind, but I will definitely consider it next time I’ll do upgrade.


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