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I usually have something like 10 different articles, on different subjects in stock. Every day I pick myself an article or a couple and add few paragraphs.

Because this is how I work, I often don’t release new stuff for months and then release several huge articles in just one week.

This way of working may make you think that I am not writing new stuff. To devaporate any misunderstandings on the subject, I decided to add a todo list. You can find it on the rightmost pane just below quick links.

In the list I have names of the articles I am working on. Some articles may be missing from there. It is either because I want to make them a surprise or because I am not sure if I will ever release them. But otherwise it’s all there.

I also think to add some sort of counter that would tell how many words I’ve written today and perhaps in a week period. I’ll need a plugin for that.

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