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Marketing is the driving force behind many things. This includes web-sites of course.

Few weeks ago I decided that creating good content for the web-site is not enough. It is important to promote it as well. So I thought if I put so much time into writing stuff, why not spend couple of minutes making sure people actually read the stuff I write.

I found a guy writing about guitars. He opened a new blog and claimed that he will try to reach an average of 5000 visitors a day by the end of six month period. Unfortunately it seems that he has failed. Yet I think he will be pleased to know that he has inspired me to try something similar as well.

No, I will not reach 5000 visitors a day. But I will at least try to bring visitors not only by writing the content, but by promoting it as well.

After reading his blog couple of weeks ago I went down and did something I never did before. I posted my most popular article on the most popular social bookmarking services. Guess what. Nearly 1500 visitors has visited within 24 hours after that.

Today, few weeks after, I have something like 40 daily visitors more than I had before bookmarking my article. All because I spent 5 minutes registering at and So I think the experiment was a success :D

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  1. Hi there, Alexander! Well, indeed, seems I have failed but only in this dare! If you consider the rest of the benefits such as the fact that I have a steady reader base of about 500-600 visitors per day, I have made quite a few blogging buddies , very interesting people and gained a lot of experience, then I say I had a lot to win out of this.

    However, I failed in reaching 5000 visitors per day, but that’s also because I stopped doing what I did in the first months, writing articles for social media. I reached a peak of 3500 visitors in one day and I had quite frequent days with over 1000, as I see you managed also, congratulations for it!

    The fact is that when a blog does not bring you money, it is difficult to spend that much effort on it, but I keep mine for the fact that turned my interest for guitars back on and maybe stronger than before and for that I can only congratulate myself for starting that blog! However, my quest goes on!

    And keep up the good work with your blog, I hope you reach a high number of visitors soon. And don’t forget to read also ;-)

  2. @Ovidiu: First of all congratulations on your successful blog. No matter what goals you had when you started your blog, 500 daily visitors is a great success! :D
    I think having a successful blog is a matter of devotion. Perhaps it is a good thing that now you have less time to work on your blog, because the time and effort you put in it today truly represent the time and effort you can invest in it. It is more natural this way. This way you will be doing this longer. It is a matter of time until you will be serving 5000 and even more visitors daily. And you bet I’ll be one of them ;-)
    It is indeed difficult to keep going knowing that you’re barely making any money on it. Luckily I have very low expectations in terms of ROI (although some ROI will definitely be appreciated :D ). I love writing and I love programming for Linux. Oh and I want to improve my English – English is my second (third as a matter of fact) language. Also, I want to promote myself as an engineer. I hope this web-site will allow me to find a better job when I’ll be searching for one. These are the main reasons for this blog.
    Anyway, thanks for jumping by and I hope to see you again :D

  3. @Joao Trindade: Thanks a lot for visiting. Actually, because you’ve left a comment I had a chance to visit your web-site and I found it very interesting. I am too will be visiting it regularly.

  4. Well, English is my second language also, but I don’t stress too much about it ;-)

    You will meet a lot of people while blogging, you would be interested to know that I have even had contacts on this side of web development and consulting thanks to the guitar blog. You could make money from it, just stay open to possibilities. Read, it helped me and a lot of people a lot.

  5. Jeremy Southworth says:

    I enjoyed your post and have bookmarked your site. ~ Jeremy

  6. @Jeremy Southworth
    Thanks Jeremy. I am happy to head you’ve found my web-site interesting and useful. Please visit again:-)

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