What kept me from sticking to Ubuntu as a desktop solution

There were a couple of things actually, but most of them were solvable one way or another. There was one problem that I could not solve.

I have a N95 cell. phone. There are couple of applications I use on it, but one of them I use the most. It is called Handy Safe Pro. It is an encrypted database of personal information.

I have all my life in this database. All my credit card numbers with their PINs, bank account access information, passwords for various passwords, passwords for this blog, etc.

I am not really afraid to loose it, because this particular program comes with a version for Windows. I actively work with two different computers and both the computers and a cell. phone, all have the updated database. Oh and because the database is encrypted with Blowfish 448 bit long key, I am not really afraid that someone may steal it.

I rarely change the database using the cellular phone itself. Instead, Windows version allows you to modify the database and sync it.

I use this application more often than Word, or SlickEdit or any other program on my life. Well, perhaps web browser is a program that I use more often, but it is the only one. Because it is so important for me, I went searching for an alternative for Linux. Unfortunately I didn’t find one.

There are personal information managers for Linux of course, but I didn’t find one the syncs with a cell. phone. Very unfortunate occasion. Then I thought perhaps I should write one myself :-)

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  1. sparc86 says:

    Well, good luck writing one yourself then. ;)

  2. EJ says:

    Did you try installing the app with WINE?

  3. @EJ
    Yes, I did. The application starts, but there’s a problem. It uses explorer control to show the data from the database. It seems like the HTML it feeds to the control is some kind of Microsoft proprietary, because Wine’s gecko based control does not show it. It shows empty control instead.
    Bottom line is that the application starts, but you cannot see the data in the database.

  4. EJ says:

    Ahh – too bad. That being said I haven’t been overly impressed with 9.04 – or even 8.10 for that matter.

    I’ll be checking this site regularly. You have some good topics on here.

  5. @EJ
    There is a nice and convenient way to follow what’s new on the web-site. That is, you can subscribe to either RSS feed to mailing list. In any case, you’re always welcome :-)

  6. Ahmad says:

    Do you know about KeePass? http://keepass.info/download.html
    Syncing its database is a matter of copying a single file.

  7. @Ahmad
    Thanks a lot for the link. Unfortunately, it’s not it. There’s no version of keepass for Symbian.

  8. Per Hagen says:

    No keepass for symbian? There is allways Keepass for J2ME, that should work.

  9. Nubia Hayer says:

    I like to check out your blog a couple times a week for new thoughts. I was wondering if you have any other niches you write about?

  10. @Nubia Hayer
    Oh, unfortunately I don’t write that much these days – don’t have time anymore. However, there is plenty of stuff that I’ve written already. I write mostly about Linux, programming and researches that I do.

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