PSC for Personal Super Computer

I’ve been waiting for this for quiet some time and now it is finally here. I am talking about Personal Super Computers.

Five years ago I purchased a brand new laptop computer. It is a decent computer – I am still using it today. It cost me around 1500$ U.S. Obviously, today it is less powerful than those 300$ netbook computers.

Netbooks have changed things quiet a bit. However, as a matter of fact, there is nothing special about them. This is how technological progress works. At first you have something that costs a lot, then some company that wants to break into the market, releases a new breaking through product, that lowers the prices. This is what happened with Asus when they released their eeePC – the first netbook.

This had happened multiple times before. It really constitutes the beauty of capitalism.

As a result, modern netbook costs half the price and has the same processing capabilities as my good old five y-o HP Pavilion.

But what about super computers? There is a ongoing race to build faster super computer. They say that the most powerful super computer today is as powerful as a human brain – an extraordinary acquaintance if this think about it.

So here is one natural development that I expected to see long time ago. According to the article below, nVidia are making and selling Personal Super Computers. Although these beasts are far away from top 500 most powerful computers in the world, they still provide very impressive teraflops of computing power.

Here is the article:

Oh, and I forgot to mention… These computers don’t run Windows 7 :-)

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