I got a new job, take 3

I got a new job, again. Dell decided to obtain what have left of Exanet LTD, a company I worked for in the past. They kindly decided to offer a job to majority of ex-Exanet engineers, me included.

So, I decided to leave Fabrix and as of last week I am software engineer and senior consultant at Dell IDC (Israel Developer Center).

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  1. tam says:

    as I subscribe your blog, It’s good to hear that, please share more linux stuff with us. *someone(not a dog) on corner of the same planet*

  2. @tam
    Thanks a lot for a warm comment. Please keep visiting my web-site :-)

  3. Clayton says:

    Congratulations! Please keep posting great linux articles! I’ve learned a lot from reading them :)

  4. @Clayton
    Thanks :-)
    Please continue visiting my web-site – this is what makes me write stuff :-)

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