Just wanted to share with you. My web-site is currently in the middle of crisis. Recent changes in the web-site caused its Google ranks to drop so dramatically that I barely see visitors.

I think adding another domain caused most of the problem. Having two domains pointing to the same web-site created so called duplicate content, in Google’s vocabulary. It appears that Google has specific rules for adding new domain to the web-site. Obviously I didn’t follow them and now number of visitors viewing this web-site has dropped to one third of what it used to be.

Apparently, having two domains pointing to the same web-site is OK, but you should have one primary domain and the rest pointing to original with 301 redirection (some HTTP jargon). Unfortunately, I learned about this a little too late.

Anyway, I think I fixed everything that could have caused a problem. As far as I understood, it takes them couple of days (weeks?) to note changes so the crisis should be over soon.

This whole damn thing is so new to me, so if you have a word of advice to a novice web-master such as myself, please spit it out :-)

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