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pthread_exit() in C++

Today I ran into an interesting problem that I would like to share. I am working on multi-threaded code in C++. Here’s what happened. I started a thread that looks like this: try { do_something() } catch (…) { std::cout << “Got unknown exception” << std::endl; } The do_something() routine eventually called pthread_exit(). Once I […]

My next programming language

This week-end I’ve been playing with various version control systems. Until now, I’ve been doing all my home codings with subversion. I’ve written about bazaar in the past, but it seems to me that bazaar isn’t going anywhere and it busts any piece of motivation that I have to continue writing about it. Version control […]

Call a constructor or allocate an object in-place

Since I joined Dell, my main field of research and work has somewhat changed. Now I am mostly working with C++ and file-systems. This world is not entirely new to me, but apparently I have a lot of stuff to learn. Today I’d like to talk about one nice trick that I learned few days […]

This is me, couple of weeks ago.

I think this is going to become my new icon. What do you think?

How less processes its input

Here’s an interesting bit I ran into few days ago. I got curious how is that less (or more) can read file contents from standard input and yet it is able to process input that comes from user. Both of them come from standard input, yet these are quiet heterogeneous streams of information. So, how […]

I got a new job, take 3

I got a new job, again. Dell decided to obtain what have left of Exanet LTD, a company I worked for in the past. They kindly decided to offer a job to majority of ex-Exanet engineers, me included. So, I decided to leave Fabrix and as of last week I am software engineer and senior […]

What is direct I/O anyway?

Few days ago I’ve written a post explaining how to do a direct I/O in Python. But then I thought that it might be a good idea to explain what direct I/O is. So, here we go. As surprising as it is, when you write some information to the disk, it doesn’t get there immediately. […]

I got a new job, take 2

I got a new job, again Today I signed a contract with a company named Fabrix.TV. Fabrix is developing a new generation of video content delivery platform. I am joining as a chief video content consumer senior software engineer.

Rethinking linked list insertion

There is one nice thing in looking for a new job. That is, you meet lots of new people and have a chance to learn from them. For example in one of the companies I was asked about something called anti-debugging. I didn’t have a clue what that is and had to ask for an […]

I am looking for a new job

I am sorry to say that, but Exanet, a company that I joined less than a month ago, has been closed. This means that I am looking for a new job. The good thing is that now your or your friend’s company hasĀ  a chance to hire a programmer with ten years of experience in […]