I would like to tell you few words about changes that this web-site is undergoing.

I would like to make it less personal and more visitor oriented. Since the beginning, I planned it as a place for myself to write articles, post pictures, etc. Kind of my home on the internet. Over the course of time I learned that I can attract more visitors by posting more articles and by doing more research and not by posting stuff that is more personal to me. I’ve learned that instead of posting stuff that’s concerns me the most, I should post stuff that concerns you, my visitors, the most.

So, here are few things that are about to change soon. I am about to change the name of the web-site and its domain name. New name will be Alex on Linux and the domain name will be I already have the domain name and will reconfigure apache and wordpress in a day or two. Old domain name will point to the same web-site and there will be no broken links.

For the same reason I’ve rewritten stuff menu page and removed galleries menu. Actual galleries are still there, but there’s no link that points to them.

Also, I think I should write more frequently. I think about posting at least once a week. Writing shorter posts will be better than writing long articles as I do right now, although I’ll keep writing long articles as well. Making this kind of statements and promises is not really wise, but perhaps having this promise given will give me more strength to keep writing :-)

I added more ads. I know that this may annoy people and I apologize for that. However at the moment, income the web-site generates doesn’t even cover hosting expenses so I don’t have much choice here, but to make ads a little more annoying in attempt to improve monetary situation. Also, if anyone of you guys is willing to give me a word of advice on this subject, I would love to hear.

Anyway hope you’ll like the changes and bring all your friends to visit at least once a day ;-)

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  1. Hey Alexander:

    Steve Pavlina gives some serious advice on this topic that resonates well with me.

    Good luck with the changes!

  2. Gullit says:

    Good to see you again! ;)
    You’re a great programmer/sysadm and a great writer too!
    I have no doubt that this blog ( the new one ) will be a great success too.
    Good luck!

  3. @Darren Griffith
    Thanks Darren. I’ve read the article. It is quiet interesting, although not really hands on kind of article. I was looking for some less superficial material, but rather something concrete. Anyway thanks for showing it. It seems that Steve has lots of information about web-sites and I guess I’ll spend some time on his site :-)

  4. @Gullit
    Hey pal. Nice to see you again. To be honest I am quiet speechless :-) Is there a guide that tells you what to say when someone tells you something like this? :-) Well… Thanks. Thanks a lot. And visit again! :D

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