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atomicMultithreaded simple data type access and atomic variables
In this article I am trying to answer a question. What is the most efficient, yet safe way of accessing simple data type variables from two or more threads. I.e. how to change a variable from two threads at the same time, without tainting its value?

How inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism work in C++?
In this article, I am explaining how the three whales of OOP implemented in C++. How encapsulation works. How overloading of methods works. What is the structure of C++ object compared to C structure. How polymorphism works. What’s the structure of virtual methods table and how inheritance affects it. And many other things. Hope you will find it interesting.

32-bits vs. 64-bits computers, the QA
This article describes the difference between the two. Does getting 64-bit support really worth the time and the effort and perhaps the money?

Swap vs. no swap
This article describes how lack of swap partition affects behavior of your Linux system.

Few problems that you may encounter when booting Linux
This article gives solutions to common problems that one may encounter when booting Linux. From faulty service scripts to corrupted initrd, it’s all there.

sed, the missing manual
This article describes sed, an excellent tool that I often use in shell scripts that I write. In the article I explain it’s most common features and also show some often overlooked features.

Aligned vs. unaligned memory access
In this article I review implications of unaligned memory access in programs. Is it really that bad? Read on.

Opening and modifying the initrd
This article explains how to crack up and modify initrd – the initial ram-disk.

tcpdump for Dummies
In this article I how to use tcpdump – another exceptionally powerful tool in my toolbox.

TunnelReverse SSH tunnel or connecting to computer behind NAT router
In this article I explain how to connect to a computer behind NAT router using reverse SSH tunnel. I explain problems involved and how to solve them.

AffinitySMP affinity and proper interrupt handling
This article deals with one of the aspects of system administration and engineering and that is correct interrupt handling.

DebuggerHow debugger works
This  article reveals the secrets behind debuggers and even demonstrates a program that places a breakpoint.

Small Network DiagramUseful Linux Networking Commands
An article that describes several of the most useful Linux networking commands.

Iliad for DummiesIrex Technologies Iliad – More than a year together
This article reviews Irex Technologies Iliad, an eBook reader based on revolutionary e-Ink technology. I am reviewing the device, after using it for over a year.

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